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ProMass Order Form

ProMass for Masslynx (Waters)

Please contact your local Waters sales representative.

ProMass for Shimadzu

Please contact your local Shimadzu sales representative.

ProMass for Xcalibur (Thermo) or ProMass for SCIEX

For a Quote

Click here to go to our ProMass Quotes page. From there, you can view and download a quotation for your desired version of ProMass.

To Purchase

Complete the information on this form and click the “Place Order” button at the bottom of the page. You will be presented with a page that summarizes your request and receive a confirmation email with your purchase details.


Want to try out the Standard version of ProMass online? Check out ProMass for the Web.

How do I fill out this form?
  • Below, you will see a series of bubbles. For each row, select whichever bubble is most appropriate for you.
  • Start by selecting the geographic region of your purchase. If you are shipping to a location outside of the United States, you should select “International.”
  • Choose between ProMass for Xcalibur or ProMass for SCIEX.
  • If you chose Xcalibur, select whether you would like to purchase a brand-new copy of ProMass, or upgrade from an older version (3.x) to the most current one (4.0).
  • If you are purchasing ProMass, you can select your preferred quantity as either a Single Copy (1), or a Twin Pak (2 copies at a discounted rate) of the software.
  • Decide if you need Standard ProMass, or ProMass HR. For more help with this, click on “Which version of ProMass should I get??”
  • If you are upgrading an older version of ProMass to a new one, you’ll need to enter the Key id for the ProMass you currently own. This is a numerical code, printed on the face of the ProMass 3.x USB dongle. Type this code into the “Key id” field using only numbers (i.e. no spaces, no hyphens, etc).
  • All that’s left is your contact and billing information. Please note that you will need to upload your purchase order before submitting this form.
  • Complete the appropriate shipping information.
  • Now simpy click “Place Order.” If there are any issues with the form, the page will flag problem fields in red. Otherwise, relax and wait for Novatia to send your copy of ProMass!
Which version of ProMass should I get?

You should order Standard ProMass UNLESS you are:

  • Using an Orbitrap mass analyzer and/or
  • Running high molecular weight samples

Then you should strongly consider getting ProMass HR. Using ProMass standard to process high MW or high resolution Orbitrap data would be doing your data, your instrument, and yourself a disservice!