Company Information

History and Mission

Novatia was established in January 2000 by three analytical chemists with extensive expertise in Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance combined with an intense interest in using the latest analytical and information technologies to solve chemical and biological problems. Since its founding, Novatia has grown from a small consulting and software development business into a full-service laboratory specializing in chemistry problem solving and molecular structure determination. Novatia’s mission is to provide outstanding analytical  and chemical services to customers primarily in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Technologies that we have developed in our labs are also made available as products to complement and extend the analytical capabilities of other laboratories. The driving force behind Novatia is an exceptional ability to unite hardware, software, and chemistry into answers for our customers.


The slide show above highlights some of the features of our new (October 2013) location at 54 Walker Lane.  The 7000 ft2 of office and laboratory space was custom designed and built to be efficient, safe and friendly providing a great working environment for our scientists (plus, we have foosball!).  We believe that a comfortable, safe, well-lit laboratory allows us to work effectively together to provide the best possible products and services to our customers.  Our main lab, where the MS and NMR instruments are located, is currently half-full with 4 mass and 1 nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers.  With our move to 54 Walker Lane, Novatia expanded its service offerings to include expertise and facilities in synthetic chemistry which includes energy efficient fume hoods, plenty of bench space and ample power to support our isolation and identification efforts.  In addition we have room to expand our chemistry presence into new areas such as process research or standards preparation.