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LC/MS and LC/MS/MS applications for pharmaceutical research

  • Intact molecular weight analysis of biomolecules
  • Heterogeneity profiling
  • Post-translational modifications
  • Protein identification and sequencing
  • Methods and expertise for proteomics analyses
  • Broad expertise analyzing oligonucleotides, proteins (e.g. mABs), and macrolides (e.g. tacrolimus derivatives, ascomycin, rapamycin, everolimus, and cyclosporin)


BioPharm Support Services

  • Impurity / Degradant isolation and structure elucidation for small molecules and biomolecules
  • HPLC Relative Response factor determination using qNMR
  • Chemical Kinetics Studies
  • Fate of Impurity Investigations
  • Competitor Product Analyses
  • API Manufacturing Troubleshooting
  • CMC support services



  • High field NMR with cryoprobe
  • High resolution accurate mass MS and LCMS
  • Ion trap (nominal) mass spectrometry
  • Electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric chemical ionization (APCI)
  • GCMS
  • ReactIR


NMR applications for pharmaceutical research

  • Structure elucidation
  • cGMP testing and product release
  • Polymer NMR


For more information on real-world examples of our expertise, check out our Products page, or if you want more information on our background you can read our People page.