Information about Novatia Staff:

Mark E. Hail, Ph.D.

Mark Hail obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Kentucky (UK) (1984) (go cats!) and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Florida (1988). While at UK, Mark started his research career with Jim Holler, who at the time, was a young, not-yet-tenured professor of analytical chemistry. Jim was doing very interesting things combining instrumentation, electronics, computers, and chemistry. From there, Mark went on to graduate school at the University of Florida where he worked with Rick Yost on triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, atmospheric pressure ionization, ion-molecule reactions, and high-speed, short-column gas chromatography. From 1989-1993 Mark was at Finnigan Corporation in San Jose, CA working in the Research and Engineering division on the development of triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometers (TSQ 700x), atmospheric pressure ionization sources (ESI, APCI), as well as on applications of LC/MS. As part of a highly-motivated team of scientists and engineers, Mark helped lead the development and introduction of Finnigan’s first API source in 1992. A number of patents were issued during this period of API source development. The success of this interface helped pave the way for new Finnigan LC/MS products which used this basic API interface design. In 1994, Mark joined Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) in Princeton, New Jersey as a Senior Research Investigator, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of new mass spectrometry technology as part of a multidisciplinary group known as Investigative Analytical Research (IAR). A central theme of the research done as a part of IAR at BMS was the development of automated methods for the characterization of biological drug targets and products, as well as synthetic organic compounds and their impurities, degradants, and metabolites. Mark left BMS in January, 2000 to start Novatia and currently serves as President of the company. For more information about Mark’s background, see his list of relevant publications.


David J. Detlefsen, Ph.D.

David Detlefsen holds a B.A. in Biology and a B.S. in Chemistry from Nebraska Wesleyan University (1983) and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Michigan (1990) where he used molecular biology and a variety of biophysical techniques to explore factors that control biological electron transfer. As a postdoctoral research associate in the Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Department at Harvard Medical School with Gerhard Wagner he determined the solution structure of a small bacterial cytochrome using homonuclear NMR data and distance geometry methods. In 1991, Dave joined BMS in Wallingford, Connecticut where he was responsible for developing NMR based methods for the structure analysis of biomolecules in support of drug discovery. He introduced novel NMR based strategies for profiling molecular dynamics, binding constant determination, SAR interaction site mapping and mixture analysis. In 1997, Dave became Senior Research Investigator of Analytical Research & Development in Lawrenceville, New Jersey where he played a key role in the implementation of new NMR and analytical informatics technology. Dave joined Novatia in July of 2001 and currently serves as Vice-President of the company where he is focused on the development of rapid NMR methods for pharmaceutical research and better information management tools for scientific research. For more information on what Dave’s been up to, check out his Publication listing.





Charles Tirendi, Ph.D.

As Head of Analytical Sciences at Lonza Performance Chemicals (LPC), Chuck led a GLP-certified group that was responsible for EPA product registrations, traditional chemical analysis, new chemical entity characterization and method development while also providing the technical expertise for NMR, FTIR and thermal techniques. Additional responsibilities included the preparation and maintenance of the R&D Capital Budget, equipment negotiations and purchases, significant vendor interaction and participation in Sales and Marketing meetings. As a consistent top performer at LPC, Chuck was chosen for numerous leadership programs as well as an advanced development program for potential leaders within Lonza Group.  Chuck joined Novatia in April 2006 as a Senior Scientist.








Daniel E. Petrillo, Ph.D.

Dan received his A.B. degree in chemistry from Princeton University in 1999, completing a senior thesis project in the laboratory of Prof. Martin Semmelhack. After graduation, he spent three years at Merck and Co., Inc. in Rahway, NJ, in the Department of Process Research, where he worked on the early phase process development of HIV protease inhibitors. From there, Dan went on to receive his Ph.D. in 2008 from the University of Pennsylvania. His dissertation research, under the direction of Prof. Gary Molander, focused on the development of novel organoboron reagents for use in organic synthesis. Dan joined the department of Chemical Process Research and Development at Cephalon (currently Teva Pharmaceuticals) in 2008, where his work centered primarily on oncology drug development as well as new synthetic methods. In 2014, Dan joined Novatia, where his research interests include chemical process development as well as process analytical technology and engineering. Dan was promoted to Director in September of 2016 and currently coordinates all Chemistry and Compound Isolation activities at Novatia.






Venkatapuram Palaniswamy, Ph.D.

VP received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemistry from the University of Madras in India. He received his doctoral degree in chemistry in 1981 from Oklahoma State University under the guidance of Dr. E.J. Eisenbraun. His doctoral dissertation was focused on the synthesis and NMR investigation of alkylated indans. After his Ph.D. program, he joined Professor Steven Gould’s research group at Oregon State University as a post-doctoral fellow. After the completion of his post-doctoral tenure, he joined Bristol Myers Squibb in 1987 and worked in Process R&D and Analytical R&D departments until 2009. While at BMS, he headed a group of scientists with expertise in isolation, synthesis, and mass spectral and NMR spectroscopy. Later on he joined Wyeth vaccine division and worked from 2009 to 2011.
VP joined Novatia as a consultant in 2012.







Ed Delaney, Ph.D.

Ed obtained his Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry (organic chemistry emphasis) in 1980 from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He then completed a post-doc at Northwestern University before joining the Chemical Process Technology group at Bristol Myers Squibb in 1982, where he was engaged in the design, development, and tech transfer of processes for new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). With 30+ years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he possesses a strong background in both organic and analytical chemistry, coupled with a well-developed understanding of the CMC regulatory landscape. Ed’s experience in the areas of organic chemistry, chemical kinetics, and separation science make him ideally suited to help Novatia’s clients work through thorny API and drug product impurity and degradation regulatory issues.







Kris Pillai, Ph.D.

After obtaining a Ph.D in Medicinal Chemistry from Central Drug Research Institute, India, and spending a year of post doctoral fellowship at University College, Cardiff, UK, Kris joined Prof Francis Johnson’s group at SUNY Stony Brook . At SUNY he worked on the total synthesis of C-18 fictionalized steroids as well as nucleosides. He then moved to Mount Sinai School of Medicine where he was involved in the development of carrier free synthesis of radiolabelled compounds as tumor imaging agents and radiopharmaceuticals. Kris then joined Bristol Myers Squibb and worked on the synthesis of X-Ray and MRI contrast agents. When the diagnostic division of BMS was sold to Bracco in 1994, Kris moved there and worked on the development of a wide variety of organic and bioorganic compounds including carbohydrates, peptides, phospholipids and pegylated compounds. While at Bracco Research he invented a viable and practical method for the synthesis, purification, ligation and mutimerization of complex peptides and extended this method for introducing peg linkers and labeling of these products with phospholipids. He also worked on developing small molecule inhibitors of MMP-13 for the detection of rheumatoid arthritis and methods for synthesizing a new class of molecular imaging agents for detecting cancer. His work at BMS and Bracco resulted in obtaining several patents and publications. Kris joined Novatia as a consultant in 2014.





Kevin_smallKevin McCarl, B.S.

Kevin received his B.S. in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh (2016), where he did research under the direction of Dr. Stephen Weber. The bulk of Kevin’s research involved investigating the relationship between column temperature, mobile phase composition, and solute retention using HPLC and various stationary phases. Also during his time at Pitt, he designed and implemented a group research project which utilized GC-MS to determine the relative nicotine and carcinogen content in E-cigarette juices. Kevin joined Novatia in October 2016 as an Associate Research Scientist where he is currently focusing his efforts on providing and improving Novatia’s LC-MS platform services for biomolecules.








Bruce_smallBruce Brodowski, M.B.A.

Bruce received his MBA from Rider University in 1988. His experience includes twenty-two years as a production manager in the thin film industry where he was responsible for IBS, PVD and electron beam deposition systems as well as the staff supporting those systems. He has been the Facilities Manager at Novatia since July 2016, and is responsible for supporting the cGMP program.














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Hootie Hootie, Distinguished Chief Security Officer Emeritus
Hootie (R.I.P. December, 2009) was a yellow Labrador retriever, who was born in Pennington, NJ in June of 1997.  He was a graduate of the Canine Academy in Penndel, PA, having completed both basic and off-leash training.  Hootie progressed through various stages of increasing responsibility at Novatia before assuming the role of Chief Security Officer in May of 2000.  During his leisure time (which consumed most of each day), Hootie enjoyed sleeping, going for walks, chasing a laser beam, and making absolutely sure that every plate was clean before it entered the dishwasher.  Hootie passed on in December of 2009 after a brave struggle with bone cancer.

Tucker choco labTucker, Accounts Retrievable Executive

Tucker is a chocolate Labrador retriever, who was born in the Philadelphia area in 2004.  Tucker joined Novatia in 2010 after a previous position as a distinguished fellow at Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue.  Tucker does not do Facebook or Twitter, but you can read Tucker’s extensive profile on the Brookline success stories page.  Tucker really enjoys going for walks and especially likes all of his chew toys.  He likes them so much that he always takes his favorite with him on the walk.  Tucker is generally a very amiable fellow unless you decide not to remit your payment on time.  At that time, you could find yourself as one of his favorite chew toys.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  The good news is that he is up to date on all of his shots.

Pinot, Director of Canine Resources
Pinot is completing the Novatia Labrador trio as a black retriever, born in the Yardley area in 2017. She was ready to join the American workforce almost immediately, starting as the Director of Canine Resources at Novatia just months after her birth. Though a bit shy when it comes to meeting new humans, Pinot is always friendly and excited to interact with fellow dogs, thus making her the perfect candidate for her current position. As her name suggests, Pinot appreciates the finer things in life like sunshine, attacking water hoses, and a good old-fashioned mud bath. She likes biting, chewing, gnawing, nibbling, and crunching most any inanimate object, especially when she has some help. Don’t hesitate to contact Pinot for any and all canine queries.