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MS Sample Submission Guidelines

MS Sample Requirements

  • Minimum sample amounts
    • Small Molecules
      • 50-100 ug (e.g. 1-2 mg/mL x 25-50 uL)
      • Ideal for small molecule routine work would be at least 50 microliters of 400 micromolar sample.
      • Small molecule samples must be received in either a sealed vial or sealed Eppendorf tube. Solid samples received in cellophane or zip lock bags will not be accepted and new samples provided in the acceptable storage containers will be requested.
    • Oligonucleotides
      • Submit > 1 nmol if sending an oligonucleotide for oligo sequencing
      • Submit > 50 pico moles for oligo analyses. An ideal oligo submission for routine work would be at least 30 microliters of 5 micromolar sample
    • Proteins/ Peptides
      • 50-100 ug (e.g. 2 mg/ mL x 25-50 uL) for peptide mapping
      • 20-40 ug (e.g. 2 mg/mL x 10-20 uL) for Native MS methods
      • 10-20 ug (e.g. 1 mg/mL x 10-20 uL) for all other protein/peptide analysis.
  • Samples can be dry or lyophilized sample (specify grams or moles) or in solution (specify volume & concentration)
    • If no concentrations are provided a surcharge of $25 per sample will be applied.
  • If the samples contain any detergent (Tween, TritonX, etc) tell us in the comments and provide an estimated concentration.
  • Provide target molecular weight, molecular formula, or structure.
    • Oligonucleotide sequences (use IDT designation as specified at IDT Oligo Nomenclature) this includes sequence modifications if they are available. If the modification is unique please provide a molecular formula or structure.
  • If submitting a small molecule, please indicate the structure and/or functional groups, a solvent, and any other important information in the Comments field of the Excel sheet

Qualifications for Discount Pricing:

MS Analysis Time

  • Our turnaround time is 1-5 business days starting when the sample has been received at Novatia.
  • We take pride in our fast turnaround time of sample analysis, for oligonucleotide MW Confirmation usually within 1 business day of sample receipt and routine purity profile samples usually within 2 business days of sample receipt

MS Results:

  • Web-based ProMass report available at our secure data server for biomolecules
  • ACD reports for small molecules

Please be sure to download our most recent blank routine sample submission sheet

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