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NMR Sample Submission Guidelines

NMR Sample Requirements:

  • 1D Standard Analysis: >1 mg
  • 1D Standard 13C Analysis: >50 mg
  • 2D Standard Analysis: >10 mg
  • NMR samples must be received in either a sealed vial or sealed Eppendorf tube. Solid samples received in cellophane or zip lock bags will not be accepted and new samples provided in the acceptable storage containers will be requested.

NMR Analysis Time:

  • Analysis results usually within 5 business days of sample receipt

NMR Results:

  • Standard PDF Plots with peak list and integration
  • Raw data available upon request

NMR Experiment Key:

  • Proton = Hydrogen
  • F_19 = Fluorine
  • P_31 = Phosphorus
  • C_13 = Carbon
  • C_13_DEPT = DEPT Carbon
  • STAN_1H_COSY_HSQC_HMBC = 2D analysis including 1D proton, COSY, HSQC, and HMBC

Please be sure to download our most recent blank routine sample submission sheet.

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