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Novatia and Bristol-Myers Squibb Announce Research Alliance

Novatia, LLC (Novatia) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic research alliance. The primary goal of this alliance is to integrate Novatia’s proprietary MetLab technology with BMS’ analytical approaches, methods and databases. MetLab is Novatia’s unique software platform for identifying drug-related compounds from complex mixtures such as metabolites, impurities, and degradants. New software approaches are needed to meet BMS’ ever increasing need for automated tools to answer metabolic and purity questions on potential new medicines early in the drug discovery process.

As part of the alliance, BMS will have access to existing MetLab technology along with customized MetLab-based software tools developed by Novatia. BMS’ industry-leading research setting will provide Novatia with an environment to further develop and expand the suite of commercially-available MetLab products in a number of drug discovery/development application areas. Both companies will also jointly investigate new algorithms and approaches to elucidate molecular structure from various types of analytical data.