Oligo HTCS Systems

Introducing the first fully-automated systems for oligonucleotide LC/MS!

The Oligo HTCS family of instruments are the only LC/MS systems designed to automate every aspect of oligonucleotide mass spectral analysis. The HTCS takes care of sample injection, desalting, detection, as well as data processing and reporting. With a sample throughput of up to 3000 samples/24 hrs, no LC/MS system on the planet is as productive as the Oligo HTCS. The HTCS allows you to characterize long (>120mers) or fragile oligos that are not amenable to MALDI-ToF. In fact, the HTCS is the only fully-automated MS system which can effectively QC oligos to be used in longmer DNA microarrays. Just as easily, the HTCS can also perform detailed LC/UV/MS profiling on your high-value oligos to give you full information about impurities, degradants, and failure products. Our ProMass software ties it all together, allowing you to process and communicate your results effortlessly. oligohtcslogo

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Applications include:

120-mer oligo spectrum 96-well plate view and mass spectrum of a 120-mer oligo acquired with the Oligo HTCS system
Mass = 37031 Da, Mass Error = 0.6 Da

System Highlights

A choice of system configurations is available. Simply choose an appropriate system that is matched to your throughput, applications, and budget requirements.

Features & Benefits

All of our Oligo HTCS systems offer the following:

Choice of Two Different HT Platforms!

Oligo HTCS UltiMate System Oligo HTCS UltiMate system, featuring: the LTQ-XL mass spectrometer, UltiMate 3000 HPLC, and HTC-PAL-xt autosampler
Oligo HTCS Twin UltiMate System Oligo HTCS Twin UltiMate system, featuring: the LTQ-XL mass spectrometer, UltiMate 3000 HPLC, and Twin HTS-PAL-xt autosampler

What’s Included with the Oligo HTCS System

The Oligo HTCS includes everything you need to characterize your oligos using either high-throughput or detailed LC/MS methods. We install the system, provide detailed training for your users, and guarantee your success with the application. As part of the package, we provide ready-to-run methods for both high-throughput analysis and detailed LC/UV/MS profiling of oligos. Our standard Oligo HTCS package includes:

Who uses the Oligo HTCS systems?
Oligo HTCS systems are in use world wide in DNA/RNA manufacturing and pharmaceutical research environments. Some of our users include:

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