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Sample Submission

Oligonucleotide Sample Requirements:
• Submit > 50 picomoles of your oligonucleotide
• Sample may be dry (specify grams or moles) or in solution (specify volume & concentration)
• Provide target molecular weight or putative oligonucleotide sequence (use IDT designation as specified at IDT Oligo Nomenclature) including sequence modifications if available

Analysis Time:
• MW Confirmation usually within 1 business day of sample receipt
• Purity Profile usually within 2 business days of sample receipt

• Web-based ProMass report available from our secure data server

Plate Submissions:
• Please send well-plate submissions either on dry ice, or dried-down to prevent
cross-contamination or loss of samples, etc.
• Please specify the plate position for each sample when filling out the excel sheet

      • For cGMP NMR, please contact us prior to submitting samples.  Samples received for cGMP analyses without the appropriate paperwork will be returned to the customer.