LC/MS 101 Course

An LCMS 101 course was presented by Mark Churchill of ThermoFinnigan and Mark Hail of Novatia at the ThermoFinnigan Users Forum on Dec 4th – 5th, 2000 in Langhorne, PA and Hanover, NJ. You can download individual presentations given at the training course here. (Due to time constraints, we may have not been able to present all of the material.)  All presentations are available as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files.

Course Topics

* Why should my lab use LCMS (260 Kb pdf)
* Ionization Techniques (1.1 Mb pdf)
* API LC/MS Optimization and Source Design (2.1 Mb pdf )
* Mass Analyzers (1.0 Mb pdf)
* Scan Types (294 Kb pdf )
* LC/API/MS vs. LC/API/MS/MS Selectivity (749 Kb pdf)
* Applications of LCMS for Qualitative Drug Metabolites (368 Kb pdf )
* Biological Applications of LCMS (2.0 Mb pdf)
* Considerations of the use of Triple Quadrupoles or Ion Traps in Quantitative Applications (296 Kb pdf)

Download all LCMS 101 presentations (7.0 Mb pdf )