Protein LC/MS Analysis Services

Features and Benefits of Novatia Protein LC/MS Services Applications
  • Excellent mass accuracy, typically ± 0.01% (i.e., 1 Da in 10 kDa)
  • Mass resolution better than MALDI, particularly for large proteins (>20 kDa)
  • Applicable to large proteins, including intact antibodies
  • Methods for detailed profiling and/or high-throughput MW determination are available.
  • Chromatographic separation often reveals components not seen by MALDI or direct injection ESI.
  • Unparalleled ProMass ESI spectral deconvolution technology
  • Our system can analyze proteins in high concentrations of salts, buffers, or other contaminants.
  • Backed by over 25 years experience in biological mass spectrometry
  • We also specialize in oligonucleotide characterization.
  • Confirm MWs of target proteins
  • Monitor production of biomolecule therapeutic products
  • Validate sample integrity before using proteins in costly high-throughput screening or structural biology studies
  • Screen for possible post-translational modifications
  • Measure the number of covalent modifications in antibody-drug conjugates
  • Assess sample heterogeneity or effectiveness of purification methods
  • Compare proteins from different production lots for consistency
  • Bioprocess impurity profiling and troubleshooting