SepNMR Sample Purification System

SepNMR = Simple and Efficient Preparation of NMR samples!

Do you find yourself asking “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could…”

Novatia introduces SepNMRTM, a system for isolating trace materials from mixtures, concentrating the isolate and elution into a deuterated NMR-friendly solvent ready for analysis!

The SepNMRTM system is designed to allow for easy isolation of ug quantities of material from mixtures. The system is based on a two-dimensional chromatography method where the first dimension accomplishes the separation of the trace component of interest from others in a mixture while the second dimension captures and concentrates the trace material into a small volume of deuterated organic solvent. Key components of the SepNMRTM system include: a Michrom MS4 Paradigm (4 pump HPLC) along with a custom plumbing scheme and chromatography methods to serve as a starting point for method development. In addition, a test mixture of samples is included with methods to demonstrate the capture of a low level components in a mixture of 5 compounds.

The SepNMRTM system is currently a development system. However, the basic capabilities of isolating and concentrating a trace component in a mixture can be accomplished on a test system. Novatia is offering SepNMRTM as a service and a product. For more information, contact us.