Sample Purification

Novatia entered the sample purification field around 2004 with the development of our SepNMR system. We had noticed that many of the samples we were receiving for trace NMR analysis were not pure enough to guarantee useful analytical results. Consequently, we developed a solution that allowed us to collect a chromatographically pure peak from analytical-scale runs and then deliver it in a small volume amenable for subsequent analysis by capillary NMR.

Since then, we have refined our sample purification strategies further with each new project. We’ve used multiple loop collection, fraction collection, semipreparative chromatography, and offline sample enrichment techniques to insure that we will obtain the NMR data our customers need. One recent success story is our delivery of an estimated 440 micrograms of an 0.02% component from a bacterial fermentation broth for a full suite of NMR experiments. To accommodate another customer’s request, we delivered 50 milligrams of purified material from a crude mixture for their downstream synthetic efforts. (If it’s critical that you have large [milligram and up] quantities of purified material for your project, however, we can put you in touch with our colleagues at Reaction Science, LLC, whose extensive expertise in process chemistry is more appropriate to problems at that scale.)

Our target for commencing NMR studies is typically 50 to 75 micrograms of purified material. This insures that we will be able to obtain data for the most common 2D NMR experiments. To help us estimate how long it may take us to isolate your compound of interest, the following information will be useful to us:

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