Structure Elucidation

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Novatia packages Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR), two of the most powerful and complementary structure elucidation tools, into products and services that deliver detailed structure elucidation results quickly and at low cost.

Features of Structure Elucidation Services at Novatia:

For customers who prefer to keep their elucidation efforts in-house, Novatia offers their core structure elucidation technologies to allow anyone to achieve faster structure elucidation including SepNMR for trace NMR sample preparation and MetLab Profiler for rapid characterization of components in a mixture.

If you want more detail on how Novatia uses its tools to provide structure elucidation services, check out the metabolite structure elucidation case study.

Contact us to get Novatia’s Structure Elucidation team working for you, or for pricing on our SepNMR services and MetLab Profiler tools.