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Hootie, Distinguished Chief Security Officer Emeritus
Hootie (R.I.P. December, 2009) was a yellow Labrador retriever, who was born in Pennington, NJ in June of 1997.  He was a graduate of the Canine Academy in Penndel, PA, having completed both basic and off-leash training.  Hootie progressed through various stages of increasing responsibility at Novatia before assuming the role of Chief Security Officer in May of 2000.  During his leisure time (which consumed most of each day), Hootie enjoyed sleeping, going for walks, chasing a laser beam, and making absolutely sure that every plate was clean before it entered the dishwasher.  Hootie passed on in December of 2009 after a brave struggle with bone cancer.

Tucker, Accounts Retrievable Executive

Tucker (R.I.P 2016) was a chocolate Labrador retriever, who was born in the Philadelphia area in 2004.  Tucker joined Novatia in 2010 after a previous position as a distinguished fellow at Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue.  Tucker did not use Facebook or Twitter, but you can read his extensive profile on the Brookline success stories page.  Tucker really enjoyed going for walks and especially liked all of his chew toys.  He liked them so much that he always took his favorites with him on walks.  Tucker was generally a very amiable fellow unless you decided not to remit your payment on time.  At that time, you could find yourself as one of his favorite chew toys.  The good news is that he was up to date on all of his shots.

Pinot, Director of Canine Resources
Pinot is completing the Novatia Labrador trio as a black retriever, born in the Yardley area in 2017. She was ready to join the American workforce almost immediately, starting as the Director of Canine Resources at Novatia just months after her birth. Though a bit shy when it comes to meeting new humans, Pinot is always friendly and excited to interact with fellow dogs, thus making her the perfect candidate for her current position. As her name suggests, Pinot appreciates the finer things in life like sunshine, attacking water hoses, and a good old-fashioned mud bath. She likes biting, chewing, gnawing, nibbling, and crunching most any inanimate object, especially when she has some help. Don’t hesitate to contact Pinot for any and all canine queries.