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Additional Routine Services Added and Updated Sample Submission sheet

We are updating the services we offer which includes completely new services!

We have added two High Resolution/ Accurate Mass Nucleotide Analysis services

  • PolyA tail analysis: meant for the analysis of polyA sequences ~120 nt long that have been cleaved from mRNA. (Excel Sample Submission Sheet Code HRMS_LCMS_PolyAtail)
  • Sold phase extraction and HRMS_LCMS analysis of oligonucleotides: meant for the analysis of oligonucleotides (<80 bases) that contain excess protein content or in biological matrices. (Excel Sample Submission Sheet Code SPE_HRMS_LCMS)

We have added NMR services

  • Extended 1D Fluorine (19F). (Excel Sample Submission Sheet Code F_19_Pro)
  • Extended 1D Phosphorus (31P). (Excel Sample Submission Sheet Code P_31_Pro)
  • Extended acquisition (1, 2, 4, or 8 hours) times for NMR sample requests through the Excel Sample Submission sheet. These can be selected through the drop down in the Additional Info (NMR only) column.

We have added a new additional service

  • A 50 minute training session on how to review the posted results for that submission. This can be requested using the appropriate drop down (Cell H3 in Sample Submission Sheet V3.1) in the Excel Sample Submission Sheet.

Changes to Indicating Concentration on the Excel Sample Submission Sheet

In order to accurately analyze any submitted sample, we need to have a concentration for that sample. Provide the most accurate concentration (including units!) you are able for each submitted sample. If no concentration with units is indicated, a surcharge of $25 per sample without concentration will be applied.

We will no longer be accepting submissions using older version of the Excel Sample Submission Sheet. Be sure to download the latest version before submitting your samples!

Youtube tutorial for Sample Submission Process with the new sheet can be found here