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How to Submit cGMP NMR Samples

Call 267-385-8355 or email with questions

Novatia requires that cGMP clients follow the steps listed below when submitting samples to ensure appropriate information is transferred, chain of custody is properly documented and analysis is initiated in a timely manner.

  1. Download and complete a “Novatia Sample Submission Sheet for cGMP Analyses” – be sure to fill in all fields for each submitted sample:
    1. Customer Sample ID
    2. Container Count
    3. Expiration Date (date or N/A)
    4. Test Method Number (contact Novatia if you are unsure)
    5. Storage Conditions (select one)
  2. Email to request submission approval – the email must include:
    1. molecular weight and chemical structure for each submitted sample*
    2. solvent and solubility (mg/ml) for each submitted sample*
  3. Upon your receipt of an email approval from Novatia, prepare your sample package for shipment – be sure to enclose the following:
    1. your completed sample submission sheet*
    2. 70 mg or more of each sample submitted*
    3. Safety Data Sheets for each submitted sample*

*These items and information must be included in the notification email or with the sample shipment. Failure to provide these items will result in a suspension of analysis until received.

Submission policies effective 12 June 2019