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IDT Acquires Novatia Oligo HTCS LC/MS Systems

Novatia announced today that Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) of Coralville, IA has agreed to purchase an Oligo HTCS system from Novatia for use in high-throughput oligonucleotide QC. Novatia’s Oligo HTCS system is the first LC/MS system delivering total automation – from sample prep to data analysis – for oligonucleotide mass spectral characterization. IDT will use the Oligo HTCS LC/MS system to analyze longer oligonucleotides, generally those greater than 50 bases in length, that are not amenable to analysis by existing MALDI-ToF systems. IDT’s evaluation of Novatia’s system demonstrated the unique capability to analyze oligos exceeding 130 bases in length while maintaining 0.01% mass accuracy. IDT will use the Oligo HTCS to compliment its industry-leading MALDI-ToF quality control services, with state of the art QC of longmer oligos. IDT will also use the system for detailed LC/MS profiling of research-oriented oligo samples.

IDT is an Iowa-based biotechnology company and a recognized force in advancing biomedical research as both a supplier of custom oligonucleotides and a developer of innovative new biotechnology. IDT’s automated synthesis laboratories have the capacity to produce over 25,000 oligos per day. As a leading manufacturer of synthetic DNA and RNA, IDT provides products to over 60,000 customers worldwide.

Novatia, LLC is a New Jersey-based company that provides state-of-the-art analytical solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries. Novatia uses its expertise in instrumentation, automation, software development, and analytical chemistry to develop total analysis solutions that are based on advanced analytical techniques such as LC/MS and NMR. Novatia also uses its analytical methods and technology to provide analytical services to a variety of analysis clients in the life science industries.

Update! November, 2009. IDT now has thirteen Novatia Oligo HTCS systems in operation in their quality control laboratories in Coralville, IA, San Diego, CA, and Leuven, Belgium.