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Running SEQUEST:

  • Error messages when clicking on database reference on the SEQUEST summary page
  • Fixes for known SEQUEST problems. If you think you have found a problem with SEQUEST/TurboSEQUEST, there may be a fix. Go here to see if a recent solution is available.

SEQUEST Browser Tips:

  • Running SEQUEST from Qual Browser vs. SEQUEST Browser
  • How to change the SEQUEST browser data directory – Contrary to popular belief, you can change where the SEQUEST browser looks for raw data files. Here’s how.
  • Sequest Browser Run Summary Bug Fix – Fix a bug that affects some of the SEQUEST browser controls with Internet Explorer.
  • Configuring the SEQUEST Browser Server – Go here to make sure your server software is configured properly.
  • Securing your SEQUEST Browser – Learn how to change your web server properties to add security to your SEQUEST browser site.
  • Interactive SEQUEST Browser Summary Page – Confused about SEQUEST output? Study our interactive clickable summary page and you’ll be a SEQUEST captain in no time.

For more information check out: