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MS Oligonucleotide Pricing

Standard pricing for oligonucleotide mass spectral analysis

About Novatia’s oligonucleotide analysis
How Do I Get My MS Results and What Will They Look Like?
All analyses use electrospray ionization (ESI)

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Standard Nucleotide Analysis

AnalysisSingle Sample96-well Plate Pricing384-well Plate PricingDescriptionExcel Sample Submission Sheet Code
Flow Injection / Molecular Weight Confirmation$75$1200 full plate, $480 + $7.5 x (number of samples) partial plate$2400 per plate

Bulk discount: $1920 per plate (5 or more plates in a single submission)*
Lowest-cost option for MW confirmation, nominal massMW_Confirmation
5 Minute LC/MS Gradient$150$3000 full plate, $480 + $26.25 x (number of samples) partial plateN/ALower-cost option for impurity profilingLCMS_5_min
20 Minute LC/MS Gradient$250N/AN/ABetter for more detailed oligonucleotide and long oligo (>80 bases) impurity profiling applicationsLCMS_20_min
LNP-oligonucleotide Molecular Weight Confirmation$250N/AN/AMolecular weight confirmation of an oligo encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle. Includes sample workup and mass analysis of oligo. >2nmol requiredLNP_MW_Confirmation
LNP-oligonucleotide LC/MS$450N/AN/ALC/MS separation and analysis of an oligo encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle. Includes sample workup and 20 Minute LC/MS gradient of oligo. >2nmol requiredLNP_LCMS
Analyses available for both DNA and RNA. Please provide oligonucleotide sequences using IDT format.

*Large quantities of samples may take longer.

High Resolution/Accurate Mass (HRMS) Nucleotide Analysis

AnalysisSingle SampleDescriptionExcel Sample Submission Sheet Code
Flow Injection / Exact Mass Determination$150Desalting ESIHRMS
LC/MS$350Includes mRNA, NTPS, PEGylated oligos, or unmodified oligos. The best and most accurate method for impurity profiling (<80 bases).HRMS_LCMS
Oligonucleotide Sequencing$800MS/MS oligo sequence confirmation for oligos up to 40 bases in length, includes exact mass determination. Includes Microsoft Excel report.

Best for confident submitters able to interpret results without assistance.
Oligonucleotide Sequencing with a Full Report
Inquire for a more detailed report.
$2800MS/MS oligo sequence confirmation for oligos up to 40 bases in length, includes exact mass determination. Includes a detailed custom report.

Best for submitters requiring detailed reports and interpretation.
Oligo metabolite identification :  including incubation in bio matrices (serum, plasma, etc.), sample extraction,  and high-resolution accurate mass analysis to determine metabolites and the rate of disappearance of the parent compound: inquire.    

Pricing policies effective 09-Mar-2020.


  1. Typical turnaround time is 1-5 business days for most analyses. Rush service moves your submission to the front of the instrument queue for 2X charge. Peptide mapping usually within one week. Nominal mass oligonucleotides and 1D NMR usually same day or next day. Large numbers of samples may take longer.
  2. Payment for services will be made by check, credit card, wire transfer or ACH.  An approved purchase order (Net 30) or credit card details will be provided to Novatia upon submitting an analysis request: When paying by credit card, transactions will process at the time service is provided. Invoices are due and payable within the time noted on the invoice, measured from the date of the invoice.
  3. Work is NOT performed under regulated conditions (e.g. cGxP) and is “for information only.”
  4. Customer represents that submitted samples do not warrant exceptional handling or precautions (e.g., as with radioactive samples, controlled substances, highly potent or cytotoxic compounds, etc.) and that any available safety information (safety data sheet, occupational exposure level, control banding, etc.) will be relayed to Novatia prior to sample shipment.
  5. After analysis, customer will receive an email to view results on Novatia’s Secure Web Portal: Most MS results are ProMass HTML or ACD PDF report;  NMR results include ACD PDF report and zip file of raw NMR data.
  6. If additional custom data interpretation/reporting is required (apart from what is explicitly included in Point 5), Novatia can provide a quote to the customer at our hourly rate of $350/hr.