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MS Oligonucleotide Pricing

Standard pricing for oligonucleotide mass spectral analysis

About Novatia’s oligonucleotide analysis
All analyses use ESI unless otherwise requested
Samples requiring APCI will incur an additional charge of $75

How Do I Get My MS Results and What Will They Look Like?

Standard Nucleotide Analysis

AnalysisSingle Sample96-well Plate Pricing384-well Plate PricingDescriptionExcel Sample Submission Sheet Code
Flow Injection / Molecular Weight Confirmation$75$1200 full plate, $480 + $7.5 x (number of samples) partial plate$2400 per plate

Bulk discount: $1920 per plate (5 or more plates in a single submission)
Lowest-cost option for MW confirmation, nominal massMW_Confirmation
5 Minute LC/MS Gradient$150$3000 full plate, $480 + $26.25 x (number of samples) partial plateN/ALower-cost option for impurity profilingLCMS_5_min
20 Minute LC/MS Gradient$250N/AN/ABetter for more detailed oligonucleotide and long oligo (>80 bases) impurity profiling applicationsLCMS_20_min
Typical turnaround is same day or next day for standard oligonucleotide analyses. 1-5 business days for NTPs.

High Resolution/Accurate Mass (HRMS) Nucleotide Analysis

AnalysisSingle SampleDescriptionExcel Sample Submission Sheet Code
Flow Injection / Exact Mass Determination$150Desalting ESIHRMS
LC/MS$350Includes NTPS, PEGylated oligos, or unmodified oligos. The best and most accurate method for impurity profiling (<80 bases).HRMS_LCMS
Oligonucleotide Sequencing :  MS/MS oligo sequence confirmation for oligos up to 40 bases in length, includes exact mass determination. Includes Microsoft Excel report. Inquire for a more detailed report. $800 per sample.Oligo_Sequencing
Oligo metabolite identification :  including incubation in bio matrices (serum, plasma, etc.), sample extraction,  and high-resolution accurate mass analysis to determine metabolites and the rate of disappearance of the parent compound: inquire.    

All analyses include a ProMass HTML report of results available via secure customer web portal.

Rush service is also available for a 2x charge. Choosing Rush service will move your sample(s) to the front of our analysis queue.

Pricing policies effective 21-July-2017.