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NMR Sample Submission Guidelines

NMR Sample Requirements:

  • 1D Standard Analysis: >1 mg
  • 1D Standard 13C Analysis: >50 mg
  • 2D Standard Analysis: >10 mg

NMR Analysis Time:

  • Analysis results usually within 5 business days of sample receipt

NMR Results:

  • Standard PDF Plots with peak list and integration
  • Raw data available upon request

NMR Experiment Key:

  • Proton = Hydrogen
  • F_19 = Fluorine
  • P_31 = Phosphorus
  • C_13 = Carbon
  • C_13_DEPT = DEPT Carbon
  • STAN_1H_COSY_HSQC_HMBC = 2D analysis including 1D proton, COSY, HSQC, and HMBC

Please be sure to download our most recent blank routine sample submission sheet

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