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NMR General Pricing

NMR Pricing

Standard Analysis * (MW < 750 Dalton)
• 1 mg for 1H, 19F & 31P
• > 50 mg13C
• > 5 mg 2D Experiments
Price Per AnalysisExcel Sample Submission Sheet CodeExperiment Description
1D Proton (1H)$100ProtonStandard 1H NMR (D1=6s, ns=32, acq.time = 5 min)
Proton Pro (Extended 1H)$225Proton_ProExtended 1H NMR (D1=6-60s, ns=32-256, acq.time ≤ 30 min)
1D Fluorine (19F)$100F_19(D1=4s, ns=64, acq.time = 5 min)
1D Fluorine Pro (19F)$225F_19_ProExtended 19F NMR (D1=4-60s, ns=32-512, acq.time ≤ 30 min)
1D Phosphorous (31P)$100P_31(D1=4s, ns=64, acq.time = 5 min)
1D Phosphorous Pro (31P)$225P_31_ProExtended 31P NMR (D1=4-60s, ns=32-512, acq.time ≤ 30 min)
1D Carbon (13C)$225C_13(D1=6s, ns=256, acq.time = 20 min)
1D Carbon (13C) DEPT$225C13_DEPT(D1=6s, ns=256, acq.time = 20 min)
2D Package (1D Proton, 2D COSY, 2D HSQC & 2D HMBC)$1400STAN_1H_COSY_HSQC_HMBC
2D À la carte (2D COSY/TOCSY, 2D NOESY/ROESY, 2D HSQC &2D HMBC )1. $250
2. $350
3. $450
4. $800
1. (D1=2s, ns=4, acq.time = 20 min)
2. Sample-specific
3. (D1=2s, ns=4, aqc.time = 45 min)
4. (D1=2s, ns=16, aqc.time = 110 min)

Additional Services

Applicable to:
Additional Data Interpretation & Reporting$400 / hrMS and NMR analysis
Sample Return$300 MS and NMR analysis
Variable Temperature$350 setup feeNMR Analysis only
Extended NMR Acquisition (1, 2, 4, 8 hours)$200/ hourNMR Analysis only
50-minute training session (see details below)$400MS and NMR analysis

50-minute training session: This service is meant to highlight the data provided in the report and how to view the posted MS or NMR data. This service is not meant to troubleshoot potential sample issues. Beneficial for first time submitters as we will explain the information provided in the data we have posted. If requesting this service, the results notification email sent by the analyst will provide times available to review the posted results. You will need to schedule a time that works best within the next 5 business days from the day the results email is sent.

Pricing and policies effective 09-Sept-2023.


  1. Typical turnaround time is 1-5 business days for most analyses. Rush service moves your submission to the front of the instrument queue for 2X charge. Nominal mass oligonucleotides and 1D NMR usually same day or next day. Large numbers of samples may take longer.
  2. Payment for services will be made by check, credit card, wire transfer or ACH.  An approved purchase order (Net 30) or credit card details will be provided to Novatia upon submitting an analysis request: When paying by credit card, transactions will process at the time service is provided. Invoices are due and payable within the time noted on the invoice, measured from the date of the invoice.
  3. Work is NOT performed under regulated conditions (e.g. cGxP) and is “for information only.”
  4. Customer represents that submitted samples do not warrant exceptional handling or precautions (e.g., as with radioactive samples, controlled substances, highly potent or cytotoxic compounds, etc.) and that any available safety information (safety data sheet, occupational exposure level, control banding, etc.) will be relayed to Novatia prior to sample shipment.
  5. After analysis, customer will receive an email to view results on Novatia’s Secure Web Portal: Most MS results are ProMass HTML or ACD PDF report;  NMR results include ACD PDF report and zip file of raw NMR data.
  6. If additional custom data interpretation/reporting is required (apart from what is explicitly included in Point 5), Novatia can provide a quote to the customer at our hourly rate of $400/hr.
  7. Novatia does not retain samples after analysis. If sample return is required this must be requested at the time of the submission using the sample submission Excel sheet.