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NMR General Pricing (non-regulated)

NMR Pricing

Standard Analysis *
(MW < 750 dalton : >1 mg for 1H, 19F & 31P : > 50 mg13C )
(6 or more)**
1D Proton (1H)$75$60
1D Fluorine (19F)$75$60
1D Phosphorous (31P)$75$60
1D Carbon (13C)$200$160
1D Carbon (13C) DEPT$200$160
2D Package (1D Proton, 2D COSY, 2D HSQC & 2D HMBC)$1250-
2D À la carte (2D COSY, 2D HSQC & 2D HMBC)$250, $375 & $750-
* Extended analysis available on any experiment at additional $200/hr
** Per analysis type

NMR Additional Services

Data Interpretation & Reporting$350 / hr
Sample Return$100 ambient / $150 dry ice
Variable Temperature$350 setup

Rush service is also available for a 2x charge. Choosing Rush service will move your sample(s) to the front of our analysis queue.

Pricing for NMR services effective 09-Mar-2018.