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Novatia Sample Submission Form

Complete the information requested on this form and select the submit button at the bottom of the page. You will be presented with a submission sheet that summarizes your request and contains shipping instructions.

Incomplete or improperly filled out sample submission sheets will delay sample analysis until the sample submission form has been corrected.

You may experience issues if you are using Internet Explorer when completing this form. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari instead.

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  • Rush Services available for 100% additional cost
  • See Novatia website for detailed pricing information

NMR Sample Requirements:

  • 1D Standard Analysis: >1 mg
  • 1D Standard 13C Analysis: >50 mg
  • 2D Standard Analysis: >10 mg

NMR Analysis Time:

  • Analysis results usually within 5 business days of sample receipt

NMR Results:

  • Standard PDF Plots with peak list and integration
  • Raw data available upon request

NMR Experiment Key:

  • Proton = Hydrogen
  • F_19 = Fluorine
  • P_31 = Phosphorus
  • C_13 = Carbon
  • C_13_DEPT = DEPT Carbon
  • STAN_1H_COSY_HSQC_HMBC = 2D analysis including 1D proton, COSY, HSQC, and HMBC
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  • Rush Services available for 100% additional cost
  • See Novatia website for detailed pricing information

Note: MW Confirmation refers to nominal mass only MS Sample Requirements

  • Sample may be dry (specify grams or moles) or in solution (specify volume & concentration)
  • If submitting a plate, please ship on dry ice or dried down to prevent cross-contamination or sample loss
  • Provide target molecular weight or putative oligonucleotide sequence (use IDT designation as specified at IDT Oligo Nomenclature) including sequence modifications if available
  • If submitting a small molecule, please indicate the structure and/or functional groups, a solvent, and any other important information in the Comments field of the Excel sheet
  • Submit > 1 nmol if sending an oligonucleotide for oligo sequencing, or > 50 pico moles for all other oligo analyses. An ideal oligo submission for routine work would be at least 30 microliters of 5 micromolar sample
  • Submit 50-100 ug (e.g. 1mg/mL x 50-100 uL) for MAb analysis. Tell us in the comments if the samples contain any detergent (Tween, TritonX, etc).
  • Submit >200pmol for peptide analysis.

Plate Submission Notes:

  • Do not send PCR plates – please only submit skirted plates (click here to view an example from Genesee Scientific)
  • An ideal plate submission will contain the following:
    • At least 50 uL or more of sample volume
    • Uniform concentration (preferably 5 uM) for all samples
  • Liquid samples should arrive frozen and on dry ice

MS Analysis Time:

  • MW Confirmation usually within 1 business day of sample receipt
  • Purity Profile usually within 2 business days of sample receipt
  • High Resolution data usually within 1-5 business days of sample receipt
  • Large quantities of samples may take longer

MS Results:


Do not use this form…go to Novatia’s GMP NMR Sample Submission.