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ProMass Features

What can ProMass do for me? With hyperlink examples!

At Novatia, all of our mass spec services utilize ProMass for deconvolution and reporting. ProMass can be used to automatically deconvolute multiply-charged ESI/LC/MS mass spectra from a wide variety of biomolecules:

Additional Features

  • High-throughput molecular weight confirmation:
    With the new top-level summary page feature and color-coded result indication, ProMass can be used to analyze biomolecules in a high-throughput format. ProMass processing can be automated to occur as soon as a sample has been analyzed and finishes in a matter of seconds. Result color-coding, allows the analyst to focus quickly on the samples that did not provide the expected result. 
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HT oligonucleotide analysis example showing the 384-well sample plate view

  • Artifact-free deconvolution of large proteins:
    ProMass is excellent for large proteins such as intact antibodies. Built-in features such as smoothing and baseline removal allow you to obtain reliable information about glycoform and/or drug conjugate heterogeneity.
  • LC/MS and mixture analysis:
    ProMass can process entire LC/MS data sets in one batch. Since vendor software processing methods define how peaks are picked, you can define almost any kind of peak picking scenario. For example: N biggest peaks, all peaks above a user-defined relative intensity threshold, etc. Peaks can be processed from a mass range chromatogram, TIC, or base peak chromatograms. You’ll also get a target purity estimation based on the mass spectral abundance and the area of the peak of interest. If your sample contains multiple target components, ProMass can give you purity estimates for each them, and deconvolute multiple species within a single LC peak. In other words, ProMass can handle complex mixtures!
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  • Single Spectrum Processing:
    You can also use ProMass to deconvolute individual spectra from either a text (mass intensity) file or from the Windows clipboard. This mode is useful for infusion data analysis. An HTML report is also generated in single spectrum mode, but without chromatograms. In fact, you can process data like this very conveniently using ProMass for the Web!
  • Deconvolution of low S/N spectra:
    ZNova is particularly effective in dealing with low S/N spectra. There are several built-in features that allow for this. The automatic baseline removal is very effective for removing the “hump” that is observed in very heterogeneous ESI spectra of larger proteins. The abililty to apply successive smoothing operations improves data quality. Finally, ZNova scoring allows for a measure of confidence about the validity of the deconvolution results. ZNova allows for maximum flexibility in allowing you to discern the information that you desire, quickly and automatically. For example, you may be interested in obtaining just the major components with a high confidence level. Alternatively, you may be interested in finding components just above the baseline noise. ZNova  can accomplish either of these goals!