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ProMass FAQ

Here are some of the questions we get asked most commonly by ProMass users. Click on a question to see the answer.

I bought ProMass but I don't know how to use it. Can you help me?

There are a number of helpful documents and videos to help you on your ProMass journey. The PDF ProMass User’s Guide is available from the Windows Start Menu. Pages 1-13 provide background on how ProMass works and why it’s so useful. Starting at page 14, you can see a visual guide to using the software.

There is also a comprehensive interactive help menu within ProMass. You can find this under Start > Programs > ProMass for Xcalibur > ProMass Help

You can view tutorials on various aspects of ProMass on our website here:

I'm seeing the error message 'Feature has expired (H0041)' or (H0005) and I can't use ProMass. What do I do?

Most likely, this error message means that you have not yet fully activated your copy of ProMass. All domestic ProMass for Xcalibur or ProMass for SCIEX USB hardware keys are initially provisioned at Novatia as 60-day temporary keys.  After your license is paid in full, you should receive an email from with instructions of how to download and install a license update.  If you have not received your license update, please contact us at so that we may confirm your payment and licensing details.

I'm seeing the error message 'Sentinel Key Not Found.' What do I do?

Check to make sure your ProMass USB license key is plugged into the computer where ProMass is installed and running.  Note: ProMass does not support data processing over Windows Remote Desktop.  If you require remote processing capability consider using an alternative mechanism such as VNC or TeamViewer, for example.

I bought ProMass for Xcalibur years ago and I need to re-activate my copy/lost my copy/lost my computer/moved computers/etc.

Unfortunately, ProMass 2.x for Xcalibur is no longer supported.  However, you can upgrade from any 2.x version to the current version for a very attractive price if you contact us. You only need a valid CD barcode to verify your original purchase.

What instrument vendor platforms can I use ProMass with?

ProMass is currently available for Thermo, Waters, SCIEX, and Shimadzu platforms.  ProMass for Xcalibur and ProMass for SCIEX are available from Novatia.  ProMass for MassLynx is available from Waters.  ProMass for Shimadzu is available from Shimadzu.

Which version of Windows do I need to run ProMass?

The latest version of ProMass on all platforms has been tested compatible with versions of Windows from Windows XP onward (including Windows 10).  Please bear in mind that the MS vendor platform that you are using may require a specific version of Windows.  You should follow the MS vendor recommendation for the supported version of Windows for your data system platform.  See our FAQ on getting the ProMass license key to operate on Windows 10.

Are there any compatibility issues with ProMass on Windows 10?

The ProMass software is compatible with Windows 10.  However, please note that there is an extra process for getting the ProMass software to work on Windows 10 with the USB license key inside a virtual machine.  The Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time needs to be downloaded and installed.  You can download the Sentinel run-time from here:

After clicking the link above, scroll to the bottom to accept the terms of the download.  Once you install the Sentinel Run-Time, the ProMass key should work properly.

Windows Defender is not letting me install ProMass on Windows 10, what do I do?

When attempting to install ProMass on Windows 10, you might see the following message: Windows protected your PC. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting.  Running this app might put your PC at risk.  Click on More info.  Then click the Run anyway button and ProMass should install normally.

Which version of Xcalibur do I need to run ProMass?

ProMass 4.0 and has been tested compatible with Xcalibur 2.0.7 through Xcalibur 4.x.

Is there a way to demo ProMass or ProMass HR before I buy it?

For ProMass standard, we have a “lite” browser-based version called ProMass for the Web. This will allow you to deconvolute single ESI spectra and get a feel for what the deconvolution is like. Bear in mind, the desktop version of the software has many more features.

If you are interested in ProMass HR contact us to explore demo possibilities.

How do I get a quote for ProMass?

If you are interested in ProMass for Xcalibur or ProMass for SCIEX, go to our ProMass order page, select the appropriate region and version of the software, then click the “Download Quotation” button.  Contact your local Waters sales representative to purchase ProMass for MassLynx.  Contact your local Shimadzu sales rep to inquire about ProMass for Shimadzu.