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ProMass Support Overview

Novatia is here to provide expert help for your ProMass inquiries. We are growing our ProMass Knowledge Base for common questions and offering a refined customer support experience with the roll out of most our most recent version of ProMass version 5.0 for Xcalibur.

1. What support is available for ProMass for Xcalibur users?

  • ProMass for Xcalibur 4.0 and 5.0 users are entitled to a standard level ProMass of support, which is detailed below, under What is included?
  • Technical support for ProMass for Xcalibur version 3.0 is limited to self-service only (knowledge base, on-line help files, etc.). Upgrade your copy of ProMass today to continue to receive updates and technical support!

2. Software Updates

  • ProMass 5.0 customers are entitled to free maintenance updates during the lifespan of ProMass 5.x.
  • Users of ProMass version 3.0 or 4.0 may purchase a license upgrade to ProMass 5.0 to access new features and stay current with technical support. The price of upgrading is much less than the cost of a full license.

3. ProMass Support – What is included?

Our standard level of ProMass support includes the following:

  • Knowledge Base articles pertaining to commonly observed questions and solutions
  • Access to the latest on-line help files
  • Email support for questions about ProMass
  • Help pages and video tutorials to guide the user through typical use scenarios
  • Answers to your licensing questions
  • Maintenance updates free of charge for currently supported versions

4. What if I need more help?

If you need more than the standard level of support, we can customize a technical support package for you, based on your needs. This will require a custom quote from us and may include one or more of the following:

  • Remote support session to help set up Xcalibur processing
  • Remote support session to assist the user with ProMass installation and setup
  • Optimization of ProMass parameters for user specific data sets
  • Detailed processing questions and assistance
  • Customizing report templates

ProMass support DOES NOT include Novatia’s proprietary instrument methods, workflow setup, or other items which are included in our applications packages (e.g., Oligo HTCS systems).