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Creating Xcalibur Processing Methods for ProMass Peak Detection

ProMass can target either the LCMS or the LCUV chromatogram and report peak areas in LCMS or LCUV area counts while deconvoluting spectra in the MS chromatogram. In order to setup MS or UV-directed processing methods, you will perform the following steps:

  1. Open Xcalibur Processing Setup and set the display to view the Qual part of the method
  2. Open a raw file in the proc method setup program for the purposes of tuning your processing method parameters to the proper integration settings
  3. Select either the MS, UV, or PDA detector device as the peak detector, depending on which chromatogram you want to integrate
  4. Adjust chromatogram time range and integration settings to get accurate peak integration
  5. Set an accurate delay time between the UV and MS detectors. If the flow goes thru the UV cell before entering the MS, there will usually be a positive delay time.
  6. Save your processing method
  7. Optionally add MS background subtraction regions to your ProMass parameter file
  8. Add your new proc method and ProMass parameter file to your Xcalibur sample list
  9. Process your data
  10. Review results

For detailed information on how to perform the above steps see: How to Create an Xcalibur Processing Methods for ProMass that Target Either the LCMS or LCUV Chromatograms.

In the ProMass Help included with the ProMass for Xcalibur application, the Help topics listed below are also relevant. To access the ProMass on-line help, hit F1 within the application, or use the Help | ProMass Help menu item.

The latest on-line help is also available from the web. To access our web help system, first click here, then access one of the relevant links below related to this topic:

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