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How to upload your data for a ProMass tech support case

If you encounter an issue when running ProMass, Novatia may ask you to upload your data so we can investigate the problem. You will want to gather all necessary files so that we can reproduce your problem and offer a solution. Combine the files listed below into a single zip archive and upload them to our tech support portal.

  • Raw data file (.raw file, Xcalibur or MassLynx)
  • ProMass parameter file (.params file)
  • PPL method which goes with ProMass parameter file (.method file, if applicable)
  • Processing method. On Xcalibur, this is the Xcalibur processing method file (.pmd). On MassLynx, this is the ProMassBridge parameter file (.olp, or mlp file).

After zipping all of these items into a single zip archive, there is an Upload Files button on the left that you can use to upload your data at the link below. After uploading your files, email us at to inform us that you have uploaded your files.

Username: tech_support
Password: ProMass

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