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Routine Sample Submission FAQ

We have a number of routine analysis options available depending on the type of molecule you are looking to have analyzed. Please visit the corresponding pricing page to explore our routine analysis options. If you are unsure which analysis option would be best, please reach out by email and we will help determine which method may be best suited for your sample.


Can You provide a quote for a routine sample submission? We do not provide quotes for our routine sample submissions. However, our most recent excel sample submission form will provide a cost estimate for you.

I am ready to ship my samples, what do I need to do? The first thing that should be done is to review the sample submission guidelines to ensure you are submitting samples in a format acceptable for the analysis being requested. The next step is to complete an online submission on our sample submission page and provide an accepted form of payment. Upon completion, you will be provided with a confirmation page. Please print this page and include it in the sample shipment. At this point you can ship the sample to our office.

How can I determine when or if my sample arrived at Novatia? Novatia does not provide notifications for the receipt of samples. Most carriers offer tracking of packages which will notify you when your shipment has arrived at Novatia.

What is Novatia’s turnaround time? Our turnaround time for routine analysis is 1-5 business days from receipt of a complete submission. A complete submission requires that a sample submission has been done through the sample submission page and a valid form of payment has been provided before the receipt of samples on site.

How will I be notified of results? Once analysis has been completed, you will receive an email notification from the analyst. This notification will contain a direct link to the results related to that submission. Alternatively, you may log into the Customer Portal to browse results by year and date the samples were received.

How do I create an account to view the data? Upon submission an account for your company will be created. If you did not receive the log in credentials please respond to the analyst’s email notification containing the results.

Who should I contact with questions regarding my results? Interpretation of results is not included with our routine analysis. However, if you do have questions regarding the analysis/results it is best to respond directly to the analyst by replying to the results email notification.

I have a question about a sample submission but cannot locate the results email notification, who do I contact? If you do not have access to the results email, you may provide the following information in an email to

  • Your Institution Name
  • Your Contact Name, email address and Phone number
  • Your Submission Confirmation number 
  • The Sample ID(s) that you are inquiring about
  • State your inquiry

Novatia receives multiple submissions each date for an array of analyses and in order for our analysts to assist in your inquiry, you will need to provide the above information when contacting the MS Team.