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Shipping Tips

You can find tips below for shipping samples to Novatia. These will help you get the best results in the fastest manner possible. Click on a topic to see more details. As always, if you have any questions, contact us.

Complete our online submission form.

The fastest and smoothest way to send us samples and get your data back quickly is to complete our online sample submission form and follow all related instructions.

Ship samples how you want them to be stored.

 If your samples are temperature-sensitive, be sure to include an adequate amount of dry ice for the package size and shipment time. We often receive room-temperature packages that say “store at -70C” with no ice or cold packs of any kind. We also receive packages with room-temperature ‘cold’ packs.

Time your shipments.

Don’t ship temperature-sensitive samples over the weekend. We won’t get them until Monday, and they won’t stay cold until then. If you ship by US Postal Service, your samples may sit in a mailbox at ambient temperature for days”].

Don't ship 'First Overnight.'

If you ship to Novatia by FedEx, select “Priority Overnight” for the fastest shipment to us. If you use “First Overnight”, your shipment will arrive before our offices open and the package will be undeliverable.

Package smart.

If your samples need to stay cold, ship them on dry ice in a well-insulated package. Use sturdy packaging, and make sure your samples can’t be crushed, lost, or opened accidentally. Don’t ship glass unless it is heavily protected. Do not ship any solid samples in cellophane or zip lock bags, this poses a safety risk for our team.

Keep paperwork dry.

Keep any paperwork away from cold samples/cold materials by placing them into a waterproof sleeve or other separate compartment. Otherwise, we get a soggy mess of papers that we can’t read or scan.

Prevent cross-contamination.

If you send samples in a plate, dry them down or ship them on dry ice. Be sure to adequately protect the plate cover to prevent punctures.

Reduce waste.

Limit excess packaging and papers where possible. Use and re-use recyclable containers.

Observe safety precautions.

Ship any hazardous materials with appropriate protections and labels. Include SDS for all applicable samples. Consider our scientists’ safety when packaging your materials for them to analyze. Solid (powder or crystalline) samples received in cellophane or zip lock bags will not be accepted.

Plan ahead.

If you required Rush (urgent) analysis or need your samples to be returned after analysis, check the appropriate boxes on the online submission form. If you tell us after we’ve already received your samples, there’s no guarantee we can accommodate your request.