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Tutorial Videos

Click on a topic to show Novatia’s tutorial videos. We strongly recommend watching these videos with 1080p resolution. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on our videos, and feel free to leave comments or questions!

Sample Submission Help Videos

Completing the Online Sample Submission Form

Completing the Microsoft Excel Sample Sheet

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Webinar and Training Videos

ProMass Results Tutorial Videos

Check out our very first tutorial video!
Watch this video to learn all the juicy details about navigating ProMass results. We include everything from the basics all the way to using features like Popup View and hyperlinks.

We’ve also broken down the full video into smaller sections so that you can find exactly the information you’re looking for:

Finding Your ProMass Results

Features and Navigation of ProMass Results

ProMass Popup view

Anatomy of a ProMass Sample Report (Text Information)

Anatomy of a ProMass Sample Report (Spectral Information)

ProMass HR Tutorial Videos

Using an Existing PPL Method
This first video in Novatia’s series on how to use ProMass HR explains its most basic applications. We’ll show you how to use ProMass HR using pre-made methods. Once you’ve got that down, you can move onto creating and using your own ProMass HR methods.

Creating Your Own Custom PPL Method
Building on our previous ProMass HR tutorial, this video shows you how to create and use your own custom PPL method. We go over the basic steps of peak modeling and de-isotoping so you can get high resolution, de-isotoped mass data.

Peak Modeling in PPL
The third video in Novatia’s series on how to use ProMass HR explains Peak Modeling. You’ll see an example of peak model creation on a real Myoglobin spectrum, and a comparison of data processed with and without modeling.

De-Isotoping with PPL
This fourth video in Novatia’s series on how to use ProMass HR guides you through de-isotoping. You’ll learn how to make a de-isotoping method, and how to go back and edit one you’ve made for future use. You’ll also learn how to check your de-isotoping parameters once a sample has been processed.

ProMass HR Processing Overview
This is the fifth video in Novatia’s series on how to use ProMass HR. Mark Hail will explain the differences between the three basic options in the PPL tab of ProMass HR. He’ll then compare the same data processed using different options in ProMass HR.