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How to upload your data for a ProMass tech support case

If you encounter an issue when running ProMass, Novatia may ask you to upload your data so we can investigate the problem. You will want to gather all necessary files so that we can reproduce your problem and offer a solution. Combine the files listed below into a single zip archive and upload them to our tech support portal.

  • Raw data file (.raw file, Xcalibur or MassLynx)
  • ProMass parameter file (.params file)
  • PPL method which goes with ProMass parameter file (.method file, if applicable)
  • Processing method. On Xcalibur, this is the Xcalibur processing method file (.pmd). On MassLynx, this is the ProMassBridge parameter file (.olp, or mlp file).

After zipping all of these items into a single zip archive, access our tech_support portal and upload your files using the instructions shown below.

Username: tech_support
Password: ProMass

Enter the Username and Password to log in to the tech_support portal

There is a quick notification in the top right after logging in. Click the Add files… button at the upper left under Novatia logo.

After adding your files via browse or dragging files to the screen, there will be a prompt to notify Promass_support email after uploading of files has completed, click “OK”.

First select all files on the left side of the upload, highlighted in Blue. Then click the Upload button on the top tool bar or right side of the upload box highlighted in Red. You can upload additional files with the Add files… button. Note: After dismissing the add files dialog box, you will not be able to see the files in the main file listing. However, you should get a message that your files were successfully uploaded, seen below.

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