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Small Molecule MS

Today, most drugs produced by the pharmaceutical industry are chemically manufactured small molecules.  The discovery and development process can be quite labor-intensive, time consuming and expensive.  By partnering with Novatia, you can save time and money in the development and production quality control of your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).  Our expert team has nearly 40 years of mass spectrometry experience.  We offer rapid turnaround of high quality results to meet the specific needs of your project, at competitive prices.

Small Molecule LC/MS Analysis Services

Features and benefits of small molecule servicesApplications of small molecule services
Excellent mass accuracy, typically ± 0.01% (i.e., 1 Da in 10 kDa)Nominal and high resolution MW confirmation of target small molecule
Flow injection for cost-effective rapid analysis of high purity samplesStructural elucidation of target small molecule
LC/MS and/or LC/MS/MS analyses using templated or custom methods and columnsProduction Impurity isolation, identification and structural elucidation
Unparalleled ESI spectral deconvolution technology: ProMassMonitor production lot consistency of biomolecule therapeutic products
Backed by over 38 years experience in biological mass spectrometry